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We don't just dabble in school photography. We SPECIALIZE in it. We are are highly experienced in school photography for 10 years and we have a structure that works, ask our many satisfied schools! (Seriously, we'll give you their phone numbers) We work very hard with school administration to meet the needs of your school. No 2 schools are exactly alike, we know that. Therefore, we offer a range of options to suit your school's needs. We offer so many options it's impossible to list them all right here from class composites, staff and student IDs, and yearbook CDs to meet administrative needs. We've also got the 'fun stuff' for parents like keychains, buttons, water bottles, you name it we've got it.

School photography is absolutely the focus of this studio and it shows. We are experts at getting you and your students through your school photo portrait day timely and efficiently. We capture TOP quality portraits in a timely manner to minimize time taken from classroom instruction. Just like you, we want parents to be able to enjoy high quality photos of their children year after year at prices they can afford. Our turn around time for school portraits is approximately 2.5 weeks.

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